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Platinum Raiders is a casual Horde raiding guild on the Lethon US Server. Platinum Raiders has something to offer most types of players, but our focus is on having fun while still being able to enjoy our lives outside of World of Warcraft.

What does Platinum Raiders have for you

Instancing, casual, progressive raiding, PVP, achievement hunting, leveling, engaging guild chat, knowledgeable adult players, festival participation, Ventrillo, players from all over North America, access to Trades Skills, Guild Bank, Web site with calendar, forums and helpful links, people to help you and the ability to have a good time without any pressure.

Why is Platinum Raiders right for you?

You can be yourself.  Whether you want to raid or instance all the time or take time to be alone and go fishing, Platinum Raiders is for you.

You can let the children go play with kids their own age.  Platinum Raiders is designed for adults players.

You can raid at a pace that does not require you to quit your job or ignore your family.  Are we serious about our raiding? Yes.  But we are not fanatical. We run raids for real people with real lives.

We have an active web page filled with links to interesting and helpful warcraft resources and community sites, where we can share ideas and humor, discuss guild issues and take polls. We have a calendar through which we plan and sign up for events.  Our web page is our life line outside of the game and many of us can access it from work or home when we are not actually playing the game.

Whether you join our guild, raid with us on occasion or simply encounter us in the community, we hope all of your experiences with Platinum Raiders  are pleasurable.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DaZiO, Jul 6, 10 2:00 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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